1. Just string it, and play it low.

    — Keith Richards, on getting old and living life

  2. artist: The Replacements
    album: Nothing For All
    track: I Can’t Hardly Wait (The Tim Version)

    in honor of the just announced set of reunion shows, here’s one of the best rock and rolls songs ever.

  3. isolated vocals for one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. with an interesting backstory.

  4. rootsnbluesfestival:

Chuck Berry!


    Chuck Berry!

  5. I sometimes forget how awesome Nicolas Cage used to be. and I need to watch Vampire’s Kiss again.



  7. artist: The National
    album: High Violet (Expanded Edition)
    track: Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

    an alternate version of the opening track from 2010’s High Violet, turned up to 11. to my ears, a superior version that I’ve had on repeat for the last couple weeks in anticipation of the new record.

  8. q


  9. cheap laughs

  10. nevver:

    New York vs. San Francisco - Disposition Statistics (larger)

  11. infomercial GIFs. because real life is hard

    infomercial GIFs. because real life is hard

  12. this sounds really great. I missed this band.

  13. not even the biggest fan of this band, but digging this track